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Project H96

Humans have been trying to discover if aliens were real... What if it were the other way round?

Iginu Kammarta is an alien from Adrilia. She has been trying to find out whether humans are real or not; right now, they're just a myth. Iginu is dying to find out. She whisks herself off to Earth, where she meets the Earthlings, and finds out the true fact about them

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Old High School, new life…

Keana Walters has finished senior year, with no incidents from anyone.

With a bright summer ahead of her, Keana looks forward to a fresh start, as she prepares for college.

Will she get the new life she desperately wishes for?

Will her life spiral down the road of no return?


The Blue Rose Chronicles: The Mysterious Case of X

A scream. A single scream. That was the only sound emitting from Meghan’s apartment that Wednesday afternoon...

Ever wondered what would happen if you walked in on your husband, dead? Ever wondered what would happen if you were an alleged suspect?

Meghan Howell knows exactly what happens. Walking in on her husband that fateful day... That changed her life for the worse!

It's just a point of innocent until proven guilty...

Or in this case... Guilty, until proven innocent!

Calling All Campers

6 towns. 1 summer camp.

Follow the fun and games of Camp Caffeine, the fun camp retreat for all ages. Filled with unique creatures, Camp Caffeine is the camp everyone wants to go to. Luckily, Kayla Warner is going for her first year.

Will she make friends, and meet some amazing creatures, or will she hate camp, and want to stay home next year?

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