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On the Inside

The year is 2077. News of a nuclear attack is circling. Stephen and Tina have only a short time to get to the shelter numbered 462. There's just one twist... Tina is pregnant, and needs to get to the shelter for safety. The problem is that their child would have to grow up in the shelter.

Will their child ever make it out of the shelter?

Or will their child have to live their lives... On the inside...

Dreams Really Do Come True: Dreams Become Reality

What would you do if you ignored your family for that one person you love?

15 year old Abigail Smith is finally a sophomore in her parents old high school. She has a group of friends that she loves, including new girl Bethany, and a possibility to get into the school band. She desperately wants to sing for the school, but doesn’t want to become as huge as her parents, Drew and Ronnie.

But one of her band members, Josh has another idea. Abigail ignored all those around her, as she’s caught in Josh’s infatuation.

Will Abigail finally see the light of what’s going on?

Or will she lose the trust from her family forever?


The Gruesome Tale Series - Don't Look Behind You

If you see the words “Turn around” written with blood on your wall, mirror, or locker… Something bad will happen to you. You are the only one that can see it. No one else – just you…

This is one of the many urban legends Alice Finn has heard. Some of them has scared her; others have just left her laughing. But this certain legend that has had her and her friends fearing for their lives…

One Halloween night, Alice and her friends hang out, and tell each other urban legends, laughing because of how fake they were, but one certain legend was found out to be true…

Immortal Shadow

Don’t read this while you’re alone. Don’t read it at night. And don’t think that this is a joke. This shit is real, and it is scary. This is one messed up true story that will make you scared of going out into the night…

Dakota Harris is an ordinary teenage boy. He has a best friend; Matt, and he has a good family. But when new teacher Mr. Withrow joins the school, Matt notices something about him. He's actually Mason Salvatore; a vampire who has been around since the 1800's. Matt wants to become a vampire, but Mason refuses to turn him into one.

What will happen once Dakota finds out the truth?

And will Dakota do something that will change his life forever?

Other Titles which Are Coming Soon!

- 3...2...1... I Do!

-Calling All Campers

- Love Knows No Boundaries

- Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

- Two Worlds Collide: Lights, Camera, Action

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