Satoshi Takagi

Satoshi Takagi loves to write action, fantasy and adventure tales. He has been writing since he was 3 years old, but didn't take being a writer seriously until the age of 13, when he started using his talent to vent frustrating. Since then, he's worked tirelessly on his first novel A Swordsman's Resolve." Satoshi's personal reading genres are mostly manga, but for literary prose, he enjoys Steampunk, Fantasy and Action. His favorite author is Neil Gaiman. "A Swordsman's Resolve" is volume one in the "No Peace under Heaven" saga, and he will update the series whenever he can. Currently he is working on a new story called "Azure Epoch", which is a Dieselpunk Fantasy-Adventure and he will release it as soon as he can

Swordsman's Resolve

Martial Arts, Magic, and Fantasy come to a head in this tale of violence and honor. A bounty hunter finds himself face to face with his blood-soaked past after a cult of brutal assassins make him their next target...but is it these killers that the bounty hunter should fear?

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